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New Member Quick Tips

We Want to Make Things Simple.

Here is everything you need to get started.

We know that choosing a health plan is an important decision for you. We appreciate the trust you have placed in us to help manage your health care needs. We also know you have received a lot of information about your new plan.

Our Customer Service representatives are a phone call away. They are dedicated to helping you get access to the right care. Do not hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call. The phone number is on the back of your member ID card.

We wish you good health and look forward to serving you.

Top Tips

1. Carry Your Member ID Card.

Show your new member ID card to doctors. Also show it to other health care workers when you visit them.

2. Pick a Doctor.

Every member should have a Primary Care Physician (PCP). What is a PCP? A PCP is your personal doctor who helps manage all of your health care needs

3. Check Your Drug List (Formulary).

Your health plan may include drug coverage. If so, check the drug list to find out which medicines are covered by your plan.

4. Schedule your Preventive Screenings and Annual Wellness Visits.

Annual wellness visits and screenings can help you avoid illness. Both are available at no cost to you. Be sure to schedule these visits with your doctor.

5. Use the Network.

Use doctors and other providers in your plan's network. Staying in the network can save you money. Use our Find a Provider/Pharmacy tool to find doctors in your area.

6. Register for a Secure Member Portal Account.

Registration lets you access the secure member section of the website. You can:

•Pay your monthly premiums

•Change your doctor

•Order a replacement member ID card

•And more

7. Use the 24-Hour Nurse Advice Line.

Have health questions? Nurses are available for you to call. They are happy to help you. The phone number is on the back of your member ID card.

8. Contact Us if Your Information Changes.

Let us know if:

•Your address needs updating

•Your personal information changes

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Need help? We're here for you.

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