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Staywell SafeLink Phone Program

Eligible Staywell members can get a free smartphone. It comes with free text messages, data and minutes each month. The smartphone gives members easy access to:

  • Care support
  • Health and wellness tips
  • Reminders for appointments and wellness screenings 

The SafeLink phone program is a Lifeline program. This is a federal benefit. It is supported by SafeLink Wireless®. 

What is the goal of the program?

We want to make it easier for members to get care and to help improve the quality of care. 

Who qualifies for the program?

  • Medicaid-eligible individuals
  • Staywell members
  • A parent or legal guardian can apply for members younger than 18
  • Members who live at the same household or address, as long as they do not share economic resources 

What does the program include?

  • Free smartphone
  • Free phone services from SafeLink Wireless®, including:
    • Free voicemail, caller ID and call waiting
    • Free technical support
    • Free calls to Staywell member services
    • Free calls to 911 emergency
    • 1000 monthly calling minutes*
    • Unlimited text messages
    • 1GB of monthly data* 

Can I keep using my own smartphone?

Yes. You can choose to keep using your own smartphone and get:

  • 1000 calling minutes* and unlimited text
  • 1.5GB of data per month for the first three months, and 1GB per month after that* 

To keep using your own smartphone:

  • You need a compatible GSM phone
    • Includes T-Mobile and AT&T compatible phones
    • Some other carriers also use GSM networks – to confirm yours is included, please call your carrier
    • Your phone must be unlocked. 

Whose does the phone belong to?

The phone belongs to the Staywell plan member. 

Do I ever have to return the phone?

No. The phone doesn’t have to be returned to Staywell or SafeLink Wireless®. This is true even if you leave the health plan or Medicaid. 

Can I transfer this program benefit to another member?

No. The program benefit cannot be switched to another person. 

Will I get text messages from Staywell if I sign up?

Yes. Staywell members will get text messages about:

  • Health and wellness tips
  • Reminders for appointments and wellness screenings 

Can I opt out of text message programs?

Yes. Staywell members can opt out of a text message program at any time. 

What if the phone doesn’t work?

  • A SafeLink Wireless® representative will try to fix any technical issue with the phone
  • If the issues persist, SafeLink Wireless® will replace phones that are still under the one-year warranty
  • A phone might not be replaced if it shows signs of abuse 

What should I do if the phone is lost or stolen?

Call SafeLink Wireless® at 1-877-631-2550 within 48 hours. 

Will a lost or stolen phone be replaced?

Yes. A lost or stolen phone will be replaced once every 12 months. SafeLink Wireless®

will provide a free replacement SIM card to members who use a compatible phone.  

How do I enroll in the program?

  • The fastest way is to apply at
  • Fill out the paper application and mail it back
  • Call SafeLink Wireless® at 1-877-631-2550

What changes should I report to SafeLink Wireless®?

You should report:

  • A change of mailing address within 30 days
  • A lost or stolen phone within 48 hours

Where can I get technical support?

Please call Safelink Wireless® at 1-877-631-2550.

*Unused data and minutes will not carry over from month to month. A month equals 30 days.

SafeLink Wireless® is a Lifeline supported service. This is a government benefit program. Only eligible consumers may enroll in Lifeline. Lifeline service is non-transferable and limited to one per household. Documentation of income or program participation may be required for enrollment. SafeLink Wireless® is provided by TracFone Wireless Inc.


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Last Updated On: 4/5/2019