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Pharmacy Services

WellCare of Nebraska Will Pay for the Drugs that Medicaid Requires You to Have.

It is also important to know that WellCare uses a Preferred Drug List (PDL).

  • The PDL is a list of drugs that we prefer your doctor use
  • The drugs on the PDL are organized by brand and generic name
  • Quantity, gender and age limits are also provided.

You can also Search for a Drug online to see which prescriptions your plan covers.

Printed Preferred Drug Lists

For questions about filing a prescription, please contact us at 1-855-599-3811 (TTY 1-877-247-6272).

Drug Evaluation Request Forms

You can fill these forms out online:

You can also download or print the forms if you prefer to fill them out by hand and then mail them to us at:

WellCare of Nebraska
Attn: Pharmacy Medication
Appeals Department
P.O. Box 31398
Tampa, FL 33631-3398

Restricted Services Pharmacy Program

You may see different doctors for your care. Each doctor may prescribe a different drug for you, which can sometimes be dangerous. So to help with this, we have a restricted services pharmacy program.

The program helps to coordinate your drug and medical care needs. If you are in this program, you will get all of your prescriptions from one pharmacy. This will help the pharmacist to understand your prescription needs.

If your assigned pharmacy does not have your medication, you’ll be able to get a 72-hour emergency supply at another pharmacy as long as your doctor is in our network.

If we feel you would benefit from this program, we may restrict you into one pharmacy. We’ll send you a letter to let you know if you are in this program. We'll also let your PCP and pharmacy know. If you do not want to be in the restricted pharmacy program, you can file an appeal with us.

For questions about our program, give us a call at 1-855-599-3811 (TTY 1-877-247-6272).

WellCare of Nebraska Plan Documents

A preferred drug list is a list of drugs covered by your plan.

Supplemental Drug List information

NE Family Planning Drug List Information

Fill out and submit this form for prior authorization (PA) for your Medicaid prescriptions.

Downloadable copy of the Lock-In Provider Choice Form.


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Last Updated On: 9/21/2020