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New Expanded Benefits

WellCare of Georgia will be offering new expanded benefits to Medicaid Members, effective June 1, 2016

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Benefits

  • Members can receive a $12 credit for OTC items every month, for a total of $144 per year. Members can order items such as diapers, sunscreen, aspirin and more.  Items can be mailed directly to the Member’s home.

Healthy Rewards Program Update

  • Free reloadable VISA debit card for Members who complete certain healthy behaviors, such as visiting a PCP, going to prenatal and postpartum visits, and getting checkups.The more healthy behaviors that are completed, the more healthy rewards Members can earn.

Girl Scouts Membership

  • Free Girl Scouts Membership for girls, ages 5–18, who join the program during the school year. WellCare will cover the $15 annual membership fee, and the $15 supply fee for badges and patches.
  • Wellcare will cover a one-year annual membership for adults, age 21 and over, who are interested in joining the Girl Scouts program.

Adult Vision Benefit

  • Free eye exam (one per year) for Members, age 21 and over, with no co-pay.
  • $50 toward glasses for Members age 21 and over. Members can choose glasses outside of what is covered by Medicaid.
  • Adult Members, age 21 and over, also have the option to receive one of the following four  upgrades during the year:
    • Scratch-resistant coating
    • Tint
    • Polycarbonate lenses including UV
    • Anti-reflective coating
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Last Updated On: 6/19/2018
On April 22, 2024, UnitedHealth Group issued a press release, providing an update on the Change Healthcare cybersecurity incident that occurred on Feb. 21, 2024. Given the size of the data impacted, the investigation to determine whose data is impacted is expected to take several months. UnitedHealth Group believes this situation will impact “a substantial proportion of people in America” and is offering immediate credit monitoring and identity protection services, as well as a dedicated contact center to address questions. Visit Change Healthcare Cyberattack Support and/or reach out to the contact center at 1-866-262-5342 regarding any questions.