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The annual flu vaccine helps prevent the flu.
Protect yourself and those around you. Get an annual flu shot today.

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Sad woman holding mug
September 13, 2021

What's your plan? (Medicaid)

Maybe you’re ready for a baby, or maybe not. Discuss your plan with your doctor.

Massaging hands
September 13, 2021

Live Your Life Well (Medicaid)

Behavioral health (or mental health) affects how you think, feel and act. Your family history and life experiences help to shape it. Behavioral health issues are common. They can be short-term or life-long. But you don’t have to suffer – they’re treatable.

Older man
September 13, 2021

Our Commitment to Quality (Medicaid)

Our mission is a commitment to quality care. Quality health care begins and ends with you, our member.

People with prescriptions
September 13, 2021

Schedule Your Preventive Care Visit (Medicare)

Preventive care visits, or routine checkups, are important to your health.

Doctor with a patient
September 13, 2021

We Want the Best for You (Medicare)

Quality is our priority. We want you to get the best care and the information you need to be healthy.

Stethoscope and a heart
September 13, 2021

Three Tips to Prevent Readmission (Medicare)

Readmission is when you have to go back to the hospital for the same condition shortly after you left.

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