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Provider Scam Alert

November 29, 2023

We take the privacy and security of yours and our member’s information seriously.

Wellcare has been alerted that there are scam “alerts” being sent to our NY providers; this phishing scheme involves faxing a Wellcare medical record request, in an attempt to obtain member records and provider signatures in response. In some cases, these faxes have been followed-up with harassing phone calls.

Please be advised that Wellcare would never request a physician’s signature when sending medical records.

In the examples (PDF) we have received, the scammers are impersonating non-existent Wellcare employees, “Billy Pearson” or “Fred Kingston”, however other false names could also be in use.

If you believe you may have received one of these scam faxes, or ever receive a similarly questionable request, please contact your Provider Relations Representative or call our Fraud, Waste & Abuse hotline at 1-888-685-8664.

Here are some things to look for when receiving a request for medical records seemingly from Wellcare that could indicate a scam request:

  • Requests for a physician signature when sending medical records
  • Strangely worded sentences
  • Grammatical and/or spelling errors
  • Use of an outdated WellCare Logo
  • Cut and pasted graphics
  • Omitted explanation of the purpose of the request
  • Request records for just one visit

Thank you for helping us to ensure that yours and our members’ data remains safe!

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